In business, time is money and an effective workspace is crucial to your success. Whether you have a business, home office or are the family CEO, an unorganized office wreaks havoc on your production. Clutter and disorganization can distract you when you need to focus.

Organized To The T will enable you to operate your business and office more effectively. Reducing redundancies and increasing productivity yields added value – you regain control of your workspaces and free your time.

Based on your preferences, we’ll create simple yet functional systems to enhance and elevate your workspace to handle the endless barrage of paperwork, data and workflow.

Paper Management

  • Paper Flow System: customized strategies to control clutter and duplication
  • Filing and Classification Systems: easy storage and retrieval of records, document and resource material
  • Document Management Systems: easy tracking and retrieval of vital records and tax documents

Space & Storage Systems

  • Desks, drawers, cabinets and shelves: Plan out the most effective use of your space and storage for fast and easy retrieval of documents and resources.

Data & Technology Management

  • Digital Filing: Internet and Email Organization
  • Contact management, back-up procedures
  • Mobile and Electronic devices
  • Archiving

Time & Task Management

For a group, whether a family, a work team, or an entire company, organization and productivity starts with the same commitments, but it can be complicated by (and possibly doomed by) the conflicting needs, priorities, and abilities of each member.  One member’s organization doesn’t rub off on the others and often rub them the wrong way and cause more stress.

In a group, emotions can easily distort thoughts and skew behaviours.  Organized To The T has the expertise to engage small groups challenged by disorganization in one or more members and address the time, task and project management needs of the individuals and the group at the same time.

  • Work Flow Analysis: Solution Design or Re-design of procedure or job function
  • Goal Setting
  • Visual and Application Efficiency Tools
  • Personal Development

Enable your Clarity

Simplify and Inspire

The Power of Freedom –

Capturing Space, Time and Mastering Chaos