Personal Time Providers

Organized To The T places a “high value” on time – Give yourself more “time freedom.”

Organized To The T assists you in recapturing time offering you another organization level with our personal assistant services.  Households with complicated scheduling needs or families who want to focus on spending more time with their children or career professionals who need to devote an enormous amount of time towards their business will discover an invaluable ally with our personal assistant services. 

  • Errand Services

We devote great attention to the tasks that might seen an annoyance, or unnecessary to some and take a large chunk of time.  As personal “time providers” we help you make better use of your time. We by take on the tasks that can get in your way and jeopardize your objectives for more freedom and control.

  • Shopping for food, supplies, drop-off and pick-up of prescription medication, gift purchasing, postage and shipping and other requested items.
  • Household Management
  • Contractor, Home and Lawn Maintenance Management: Track and manage home service contractors such as landscaper, turf and lawn services, irrigation services, HVAC services, appliance services, etc. 
  • Scheduling home maintenance and repair work, and supervising projects
  • Routine Home Check: Routine or semi-routine maintenance check for frequent travelers
  • Household Bill and Administrative Management: Handling household bills and administrative duties
  • Event Planning and Coordination: Site Selection, Hotel Accommodations, Travel Arrangements, Dining, Speakers  & Entertainment, Audio-visual Equipment, Decorations, Printing, Gifts & Awards

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