The Process

We begin with a brief telephone conversation to discuss services and schedule a free 30-minute on-site assessment. During our visit, we’ll discuss your vision, objectives and priorities – then create a plan of action and make product recommendations.

Next, Organizing sessions are scheduled and the sorting process begins. Working together, we determine which items to keep and what to let go. We also decide what can be sold, donated, recycled or disposed.

We tailor organization systems to fit your vision and needs for each area. Working right along with you, we prioritize your organizing goals and develop a set of steps to help you reach those goals. These steps will enable you to develop a growth-mindset around your choices for order and form your own strong organizational skills.

We can make return evaluation visits to gage your success – providing additional training if necessary. The ultimate goal is to create a far-reaching change in patterns. Changes that allow you to develop and maintain organized environments long after our project is complete.

A Personalized Plan

With your vision at the heart of our mission, Organized To The T pays close attention to the goals you have for your surroundings. With sensitivity and attention to detail we create your personalized ‘Organization Action Plan’; customized to suit your space, time, lifestyle and budget.  We work alongside you with each task coaching you on overcoming the obstacles that block you from reaching your organizing goals.

Focusing on three important areas – First, we identify the environmental and behaviour barriers to your success. Next, we provide specific solutions to the challenges you face.  And finally, we provide education, training and follow up assistance as needed.  

All our services include:

  • Analysis of your current situation
  • Identification of the environmental factors of disorganization – paper management, clutter control, storage and space systems, time management, etc.
  • Identification of behaviors that cause disorganization
  • Purchase and installation of organizational systems
  • Education to encourage positive long-term behavioral changes
  • Training to develop strong organizational skills for ongoing success

We’ll help with the organizational struggles you face, teaching you how to take back control and allow your life more freedom.

Enable your Clarity

Simplify and Inspire

The Power of Freedom –

Capturing Space, Time and Mastering Chaos